Sprint Planning

Scrum Board





Each project comes with a backlog, which comprises of prioritize list of user stories of your software.

Create backlogs and organize them with tags, and filters. Use epics to keep a high-level overview of things.

Sprint Planning

Prioritize and size your backlog using value and effort boards. Move what's on top here to the next sprint to build what matters first.

Organize sprints visually & divide work in manageable chunks using tasks and scenarios checklist.

Scrum Board

The Scrum Board lets you track your tasks through the 'to do,' 'In progress,' and 'done' columns. You can add your own custom columns to match your team's unique needs.

Each backlog item has its own row in the board, making it easy to keep subtasks together.


Use business terminology to design your tests and make them more readable. Create executable specifications using Gherkin syntax.

Create test plans, execute them and share test results and reports in real time.

Dashboards & Reporting

AgileFirst provides access to more than dozen out-of-the box reports with real-time, actionable insights into how the project and the team is performing sprint over sprint.

Personal Dashboards provide relevant information important to each stakeholder respectively (Product Owner, Scrum Master, Developer or QA)


Discussion allows all the stakeholders to communicate with each other in real time.

Leave comments on work items and send email notifications to team members using @mentions

Discussion board keeps log of communication history for the entire team.

Time & Budget Tracking

Keep track of how time is being spent by project or by team member for accurate planning and budget management.

Track & Trace

See the origin, journey, and current state of every user story in the system. Instantly see changes with live updates, and highlight important information using visual encoding.

Amazingly easy to use

If you know basic Scrum concepts, you’ll immediately feel at home, without any need for training.

File Sharing

Enhance your stories: drag-and-drop mock-ups, presentations, and other files from your computer

Resource Management

Balance resources and track performance via a workload view. An open view of team workloads makes it easy to recalibrate when necessary.

Realtime updating

Everything in AgileFirst updates in realtime. What you see is always up-to-date, without ever having to refresh.

Capture Notes

Capture meeting notes, reviews, retrospectives in notes.

Story Blockers

Watch out for roadblocks: Story blockers help make project impediments highly visible so your team can collaborate to resolve them.


Put a label on it: organize and monitor stories with searchable labels to make your workflow more visible and call out stories that deserve attention.